Guiding Principles

We are committed to providing you the highest level of investment management and service.

  • Our Mission
    The mission of Jonathan D. Pond, LLC is to help individuals and families achieve lifetime financial security by providing expert, comprehensive investment and financial planning counsel.
  • Singular focus
    We are focused on investment management as well as financial planning for our investment management clients.  We do not sell insurance products nor engage in banking. 
  • Preserve Wealth
    While taking prudent risk is essential to achieving satisfactory investment returns, we are more concerned with preserving wealth than attempting to achieve unusually high investment returns.
  • Client orientation
    Our limited number of clients enables us to provide you with personalized and responsive service.
  • Avoid conflict of interest
    We receive no commissions or referral fees.  We are compensated solely by our clients through fees based on a percentage of the assets we manage and/or by hourly fees for financial planning services.     
  • Independence
    We are not associated with a large financial institution that has to answer to its shareholders.  This enables us to take a long-term investment view.
  • Investments held by well-known and respected custodians
    You will be reassured by the outstanding reputations and financial strength of the three financial institutions that provide custody services for your investments:  Fidelity Investments, Charles Schwab & Co., and TIAA-CREF.
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